Free Android Residential VPN App

Beginning on Monday September 30, 2019 RNS 4G Networks will be releasing a new mobile app that will offer a 100% totally free for life residential and data center vpn for users of the Android operating system.

This service is absolutely free for life, requires no registration to use it, and will contain both Free Residential VPN Service as well as data center vpn’s. There will be zero bandwidth restrictions on this service and users are able to load the app on as many Android systems as they would prefer.

In the near future an iOS version of the app will also be released, but for now Androids are the first platform to receive this service.

Free Mobile VPN Services

The Android app will retain the name of the RNS 4G Networks sister company, RNSVPN and can be found in the Google Play Store later this coming week and will also be available for direct download from the RNS 4G Networks main website starting on Monday September 30, 2019.

The app will feature many residential vpn services from around the globe and users may access them freely and instantly after they install the app. What better way to protect yourself online than to have many global vpn servers available to you and at zero cost and at the tip of your fingers 24 hours per day?

Get ready for Monday folks!