Proxifier & 4G Proxies

Many people are familiar with the Proxifier program and how it works. But an equal amount of people have never heard about it or its potential benefits. For those of you that are familiar with traditional vpn services, Proxifier does something very similar with proxies.

But there are numerous advantages that vpn’s do not cover, and where Proxifier & 4G Proxies have a distinct advantage. A traditional vpn service binds all the ports on your computer to the vpn server, not giving you a choice of what applications or browsers you want to go through it. Proxifier gives you all the choices. It lets you route only the browsers or specific applications (programs) you want through the proxy service. This is also known as split tunneling.

Its not always necessary to have every part of your computer under a vpn or proxy, and now you have freedom of choice when it comes to what you do want tunneled and what you don’t want tunneled.

Proxifier is a very simple to use program and is setup in just minutes. It is completely compatible with RNS 4G Network Proxies and usage is very simple. If you need a service that provides split tunneling only for your specific browsers and programs, this is the way to go.