Round Robin Massive 4G Proxies

Round Robin Massive 4G Proxies network has been setup and deployed for large Instagram farms as well as large Sneaker bot shopping. Need to cop a lot of pairs of new sneakers? This is how that can be done.

This system is very unique and offers the following:

1.) 400 dedicated 4G devices
2.) Combined ip pool mixed of Verizon Wireless and Sprint PCS 4G – 1.2 million mobile ip addresses
3.) Fail-safe controls (in the event of a device failure, requests are re-directed to other devices automatically)
4.) Each dedicated 4G device continually rotates the ip’s on its individual network
5.) Every single page request or automation software request is handled by a different 4G network
6.) This system has a 99.99% uptime ratio (0.01% – we can’t stop an act of God.)
7.) This system can handle up to 130,000 simultaneous requests
8.) No bandwidth limits – we mean this literally!

What is this type of system designed for?

1.) Large instagram farms
2.) Sneaker Bots
3.) Social media mass account creation farms
4.) Mass website traffic utilizing mobile ip’s only
5.) Search enging scraping / data gathering
6.) Whatsapp Bulk Message Advertising
7.) Telegram Bulk Message Advertising
8.) Bulk Email Account Creation
9.) Scrapebox & SEO Purposes
10.) Sports Book Betting (if you are using custom scripts for multiple accounts)
11.) Ticket Master operations
12.) YouTube view counts

Network Specifics:

1.) System Type: HTTPS
2.) Supports direct SSL connectivity
3.) Supports http_connect method
4.) 100% compatible with Proxifier & ProxyCap programs
5.) Compatible with MultiLogin App, Blue Stacks, and similar programs
6.) Compatible with any automation software that supports the https proxy method