1 Month RDP/VPS For Instagram Botters (Large)


This package is exclusively for Instagram Botters. This is a Windows 10 Professional machine that has been built with heavy ram to run bot software for Instagram accounts. Here's whats included in this package:

1.) Microsoft Windows 10 Professional
2.) Intel i7-7700K @ 4.20 GHz
3.) 64 GB of DDR4 Ram
4.) 300 GB SSD Hard Drive
4.) Your choice of 15 U.S. 4G Networks on either Sprint PCS 4G or Verizon Wireless 4G

This setup is designed to run up to 300 Instagram accounts simultaneously between 15 distinct and different 4G mobile proxy networks. The 4G networks automatically rotate their ip addresses at timed intervals ensuring you that an ip address is never over-used. 4G networks always stay within their city and appropriate ip subnets. 4G networks do not skip to different cities or states.

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